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Our two maritime services run weekly out of Douala, Tema, Abidjan and Dakar, specialising in the transport of fruit and vegetables, as well as all perishable goods.

They offer the fastest transit times and the highest frequency to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

Atlantic Line :  weekly sailing to Portsmouth and Anvers.

FROM TO Portsmouth Anvers
Dakar 6 J 7 J
Abidjan 9 J 10 J
Tema 11 J 12 J
Douala 13 J 14 J
Mediterranean Line : weekly sailing to Port Vendres, Vado Ligure and Agadir.

FROM TO Port-Vendres Vado Agadir
Dakar 5 J 7 J
Abidjan 9 J 11 J
Tema 11 J 13 J
Douala 12 J 14 J

This information is only indicative.