Mediterranean line

4 specialist ships sail directly each week between Port Vendres (France), Vado Ligure (Italy), Agadir (Morocco) and four ports in West Africa: Dakar (Senegal), Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Douala (Cameroon) and Tema (Ghana).

TRANSIT TIME Grid in the Africa > Europe direction :

From \ To Port-Vendres Vado Agadir
Dakar 5 D 7 D 11 D
Abidjan 9 D 11 D 15 D
Tema 11 D 13 D 17 D
Douala 12 D 14 D 18 D

TRANSIT TIME Grid in the Europe > Africa direction:

FROM \ TO Dakar Abidjan Douala Tema
Agadir 3 D 6 D 9 D 12 D
Vado - - - -
Port-Vendres 7 D 9 D 17 D 21 D

This information is only indicative 

Operations and network in the Mediterranean :

Port Terminal Agent
Port-Vendres Terminal Fruitier TRANSIT FRUITS Port Vendres
Vado Ligure Reefer Terminal CSA spa

Operations and network in West Africa :

Port Terminal Agent
Agadir   ALOS
Douala Terminal Fruitier, quai 12 EOLIS Cameroon
Tema Fruit Terminal FTC EOLIS Ghana
Abidjan Terminal Fruitier EOLIS Ivory Coast
Dakar DP World Terminal Dakar SOCOPAO Senegal and SEL